Dining Room

When I first started making furniture chairs were a challenge,I have always liked unique antique chairs and wanted more than anything to have my own style and above all make a really comfortable dining chair.Some of the antiques I liked were not always very comfortable and I always have to try them out when I see a chair in a store,all are not the same.After many trials and errors I have quite a few different styles that I think are great and you can sit in them and enjoy your meal without your legs going to sleep or your back hurting.I have six chairs around my table at home and each is a different example of my chairs so you can try them and choose.

I enjoy making pieces you just don’t see much anymore like hunt-boards and pot-boards. Serving hutches of all kinds have been a lot of fun to make.

I have also made some interesting tables,my square to round tables are very popular when there is limited space but you need more room occasionally .Round tables are very popular and make it easier for everyone to enjoy the conversation especially if you are like me and don’t hear as well as you used to.Whatever table and style you have in mind I can make it happen.


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