Patrick’s Christmas Brisket

The process for brisket is pretty straight forward.
We order the brisket with the deckle (top portion and bottom portion intact).
We make a rub that starts 2 parts brown sugar
to 1 part salt. From there the flavor profile is up to you.
The usual suspects are Cumin, oregano, garlic powder, black pepper, pepper flake, chili powder,
onion powder and coriander powder.

We score the fat side up of the brisket and rub (not sprinkle) our mix and let it set a minimum of 24 hours.
Please note that FAT is good.

We cook our brisket in the oven on a rack covered with aluminum foil for 8-10 hours at 200F till fork tender.
This cooking time is all going to depend on your oven.
The fork test is when you insert the fork in the brisket, how easily does it come out.
The easier the more tender, the trick is not to let get too tender, otherwise you will not be able to slice and
present it.

Once cook to your preference, allow to sit uncovered and you are able to handle the brisket.
It is at this point that you can remove the fat cap.
We strain the broth, liquid that builds up during the cooking process and cool it so the fat coagulates.
We remove the fat and all that love is left and we make our sauce out of that.